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We wanted our car essential oil diffuser to be convenient and easy to use. We designed it with a large glass reservoir to hold more essential oil so the aromatherapy and car scents last up to 40 days between refills.


Our vision is to be recognized as the company that offers scent and flavor features that express the unique character of every individual, every place, and every experience.
We always overcome even the toughest challenges, supported by streamlined, efficient, reliable business processes that provide ample room for creativity and daring, cutting-edge innovation.
Through our continuous connections with the world, we turn people’s wants into real products of superior quality.
Working with us is easy.
In fact, we work with outstanding people and organizations to accomplish outstanding outcomes.


Our mission is to offer scent and flavor features that sustain the values and lifestyles of every man and every woman in every continent.
We believe that fragrances and flavors are essential elements of humanity; they represent a precious treasure that Moellhausen endeavors to protect, share, and reinvent with tireless enthusiasm.


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